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Lawrence R. Rabiner (born 28 September 1943 in Brooklyn, New York) is an electrical engineer working in the fields of digital signal processing and speech processing; in particular in digital signal processing for automatic speech recognition. He has worked on systems for AT&T for speech recognition.

He holds a joint academic appointment between Rutgers University and the University of California, Santa Barbara.


B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964
M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1967

Research Interests

Digital signal processing
Digital speech processing
Multimodal user interfaces
Multimedia communications
Shared Collaboration Systems for Tele-Collaboration

Awards and Recognitions

Acoustical Society of America Fellow, 1970
Paper Award of IEEE Group on Audio and Electroacoustics, 1971
Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Award - Honorable Mention, 1972
ASA Biennial Award, 1974
IEEE Fellow, 1976
IEEE ASSP Achievement Award, 1978
IEEE Emanuel R. Piore Award, 1980 (with Ronald Schafer)
IEEE ASSP Society Award, 1980
Election to National Academy of Engineering, 1983
IEEE Centennial Award, 1984
AT&T Bell Laboratories Fellow, 1989
Election to National Academy of Sciences, 1990
Speech Processing Magazine Award of the IEEE, 1994
AT&T Patent Award, 1995
AT&T Fellow Award, 1996
IEEE Millennium Medal, 1999
IEEE Kilby Medal, 1999

Recent Journal Articles

Digital Speech Processing, B. H. Juang, M. M. Sondhi, and L. R. Rabiner, Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, Third Edition, Volume 4, pp. 485-500, 2002.
Speech and Language Processing for Next-Millennium Communications Services, R. V. Cox, C. A. Kamm, L. R. Rabiner, J. Schroeter, and J. G. Wilpon, Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 88, No. 8, pp. 1314-1337, August 2000
Image and Video Coding-Emerging Standards and Beyond, B. G. Haskell, P. G. Howard, Y. A. LeCun?, A. Puri, J. Ostermann, M.R. Civanlar, L. R. Rabiner, L. Bottou, and P. Haffner, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 8, No. 7, pp. 814-837, November 1998
On the Applications of Multimedia Processing to Communications, R. V. Cox, B. G. Haskell, Y. LeCun?, B. Shahraray, and L. R. Rabiner, IEEE Proceedings Vol. 86, No. 5, pp. 755-824, May 1998
The Role of Speech Processing in Human-Computer Intelligent Communication, C. A. Kamm, M. Walker, and L. R. Rabiner, Speech Communication, Vol. 23, pp. 263-278, 1997
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