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Film directors

Jim Abrahams, parody director
J.J. Abrams, writer and director
Woody Allen (1935–) Academy Award-winning film director, writer, actor, and comedian[16]
Judd Apatow (1968–) screenwriter, television/film producer[49]
Alan Arkin (1934–) Academy Award-nominated film actor, director[16][35]
Jack Arnold, director
Darren Aronofsky (1969–) film director, screenwriter and producer[40]
George Axelrod, director, producer and screenwriter
Ralph Bakshi, Israeli-born animation film director
Bob Balaban, director and producer
Richard Benjamin (1938–) actor/film director[16]
Eli Chaim Bergenstein, Palestenian-born Oscar-nominated director, screenwriter and producer best known for the drama Days of Mordichai
Andrew Bergman, director
Edward Bernds, director of Three Stooges and Blondie films
Curtis Bernhardt, German-born director and producer
Peter Bogdanovich, director (Jewish mother)
Zach Braff (1975–) television and film actor, director, screenwriter, and producer (Scrubs, Garden State)[50]
James L. Brooks, Oscar-winning director, producer
Mel Brooks, director, actor and producer (also see Comedians, qv)
Richard Brooks, director
Edward Cahn, director of Our Gang from 1939-1943
William Castle, director
Ethan & Joel Coen, directors, screenwriters & producers
Rob Cohen, director, producer
Ricardo Cortez, director and actor; brother of Stanley Cortez
David Cronenberg, director
George Cukor, Oscar-winning director
Michael Curtiz, Oscar-winning director
Paul Czinner, Hungarian-born director
Jules Dassin, director
Larry David, writer, actor, producer
Andrew Davis, director
Cecil B. DeMille, director[580]
Maya Deren, director
Henri Diamant-Berger, French-born director, producer and screenwriter
Stanley Donen, director, choreographer
Richard Donner, Director, "Lethal Weapon" Films and 1978's "Superman The Movie".
Richard Elfman, director
Nora Ephron, director
Richard Fleischer, director; son of animator Max Fleischer
Carl Foreman, director, producer and screenwriter
Jason Friedberg, director, writer of Scary Movie
William Friedkin, Oscar-winning director of The Exorcist
Samuel Fuller, director
Lee Grant (1927–) Academy Award-winning theater, film and television actress, and film director[16]
Christopher Guest (1948–) Lord Haden-Guest, actor, writer, director, composer, and musician[51][52]
Charles Guggenheim, Oscar-winning documentary director
Todd Haynes, director (Jewish mother)
Amy Heckerling, director
Peter Hyams, director
Garson Kanin, director, screenwriter and playwright
Lawrence Kasdan, director
Jeffrey Katzenberg (1950–) film producer, director and co-founder of DreamWorks SKG[53]
Philip Kaufman, director, screenwriter
Irvin Kershner, director
Zalman King, director
Henry Koster, director
Stanley Kramer, director[581]
Stanley Kubrick, director
John Landis (1950–) movie actor, director, writer, and producer[54]
Fritz Lang, Austrian-born director (Jewish mother, raised Catholic)
Norman Lear, director, producer and screenwriter
Mimi Leder, director
Mervyn LeRoy, director and producer
Richard Lester, director
Barry Levinson, Oscar-winning director
Jerry Lewis (1926–) comedian, actor, film producer, writer and director known for his slapstick humor and his charity fund-raising telethons[16]
Anatole Litvak, Russian-born director
Siegmund Lubin, director
Ernst Lubitsch, director
Sidney Lumet, director
Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Oscar-winning director
Tom Mankiewicz, director and screenwriter; son of Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Daniel Mann, director
Michael Mann, director[582]
Stuart Margolin, director and actor
Elaine May, director, actress and screenwriter
Paul Mazursky (1930–) director, producer and actor[55]
Albert & David Maysles, documentary filmmakers
Nancy Meyers, director, screenwriter
Lewis Milestone, Oscar-winning director
Bennett Miller, Oscar-nominated director ("Capote")
Sam Newfield, director of the 1957 tv series Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans and countless other western films
Mike Nichols (1931–) Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Academy Award-winning film and stage director[16]
Leonard Nimoy, actor and director
Ken Olin (1954–) actor, director and producer[56]
Marcel Ophüls, director; son of director Max Ophüls
Richard Oswald, German-born director and producer
Alan J. Pakula, Oscar-winning director, producer
Arthur Penn, director
Leo Penn, director
Abraham Polonsky, director
Sydney Pollack, Oscar-winning director, actor, producer
Otto Preminger, director
Sam Raimi, director
Harold Ramis, director
Irving Rapper (1898–1999) British-born film director[57]
Brett Ratner, director
Carl Reiner, director and actor; father of Rob Reiner
Rob Reiner (1947–) actor, director, producer, writer and anti-tobacco activist; son of Carl Reiner[58]
Ron Rifkin (1939–) actor, director[56]
Martin Ritt, director
Jay Roach, director
Jerome Robbins, Oscar-winning director, choreographer
Herbert Ross, director
Robert Rossen, director, screenwriter
Eli Roth (1972–) film actor, director, producer and writer[59]
Joe Roth, director, producer and executive
Joel Schumacher, director (Jewish mother)
Sam Seder (1966–) actor, comedian, writer, producer, director[47]
Susan Seidelman, director
Adam Shankman, director, choreographer
George Sidney (1916–2002) American film director, known for MGM films[16]
Don Siegel, director
Bryan Singer, director
Robert Siodmak, German-born director
Todd Solondz, director
Barry Sonnenfeld, director[583]
Steven Spielberg, Oscar-winning director, producer
Josef von Sternberg, Austrian-born director (The Blue Angel)
Paul Strand, documentary director
Erich von Stroheim, director, actor
James Toback, director, screenwriter and producer
Edgar G. Ulmer, director
Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz, director brothers best known for American Pie
Billy Wilder, Austrian-born Oscar-winning director, screenwriter and producer best known for the comedy Kiss Me, Stupid
Irwin Winkler, director
Frederick Wiseman, documentary director
William Wyler, Oscar-winning director
Boaz Yakin, director
Fred Zinnemann, Austrian-born Oscar-winning director
David Zucker & Jerry Zucker (1950–) parody directors, producers[60]
Edward Zwick, director, producer
Terry Zwigoff, director

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