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Persons listed with a double asteriks (**) are producers who have won the Tony Award for Best Musical and/or the Tony Award for Best Play. Those listed with a triple asteriks (***) have won the Tony Award for Best Direction of a Musical and/or Play. Those listed with a quadruple asteriks (****) have won the Tony Award for Best Actor or Best Actress in a Musical or Play.

Jacob Pavlovitch Adler, actor
Stella Adler, acting teacher & actress
Woody Allen (1935) Academy Award-winning film director, writer, actor, and comedian[16]
Herb Alpert, producer *
Morey Amsterdam, actor
Boris Aronson, set designer, costume designer and lighting designer
George Axelrod, producer & director
Shoshana Bean, actress
Julian Beck & Judith Malina, founders of Living Theatre
David Belasco, producer & director
Michael Bennett, director & producer (Jewish mother) **
Jack Benny, actor
Milton Berle, producer & actor* Shelley Berman, actor
Theodore Bikel, actor
Rudolf Bing (19021997) opera impresario, General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera in New York from 1950 to 1972[84]
Victor Borge, actor & writer
Fanny Brice, actress
Robert Brustein, producer, writer, director, critic, educator
Mel Brooks, producer **
Abe Burrows, director ***
Red Buttons (19192006) Academy Award-winning comedian and actor[16]
George Burns, actor
Sid Caesar, actor
Eddie Cantor (18921964) comedian, singer, actor, songwriter, one of the most popular entertainers in the U.S. in the early and middle 20th century[16]
Kitty Carlisle, actress
Joseph Chaikin & Peter Feldman, founders of Open Theatre
Paddy Chayefsky, director
Heinrich Conried, theatre owner/operator & producer
Norman Corwin, director
Billy Crystal (1947) actor, writer, producer, comedian and film director[16]
Rodney Dangerfield, actor
Clive Davis, producer
Sammy Davis, Jr., actor (convert)
Robert Evans, actor
Cy Feuer, producer, director & theatre owner/operator **
Ron Field, director ***
Larry Fine, actor
David Geffen, producer **
Judy Gold (1962) stand-up comedian and film/stage actress[38]
Leonard Goldberg, producer
Gilbert Gottfried, actor
Charles Grodin, producer, director & actor
Buddy Hackett, actor & producer
Arthur Hammerstein, producer & director (uncle of Oscar Hammerstein II)
Oscar Hammerstein I, producer & theater director/operator (grandfather of Oscar Hammerstein II)
Oscar Hammerstein II, producer & director
Ben Hecht, director
Anna Held, stage performer
Dustin Hoffman (1937) two-time Oscar winning actor[16]
Curly Howard, actor
Moe Howard, actor
Shemp Howard, actor
Sidney Howard, producer & director
George Jessel, producer and actor
Al Jolson, performer & producer
Robert Kalfin, producer, director, writer **
Mickey Katz, actor & director
Andy Kaufman, actor
George S. Kaufman, producer, director, and theater owner/operator
Danny Kaye (19131987) actor, singer and comedian[16]
Larry Kert, actor & singer
Michael Kidd, director & producer
Alan King, actor & producer
Robert Klein, actor
Richard Kline, actor
Lisa Kron, actress
Judy Kuhn, actress & singer
Bert Lahr, actor ****
James Lapine, director & librettist
Louise Lasser (1939) stage/film/television actress[85]
Norman Lear, producer
Ernest Lehman, producer
Sam Levene, director & actor
Jerry Lewis (1926) comedian, actor, film producer, writer and director known for his slapstick humor and his charity fund-raising telethons[16]
Judith Light, actress
Lucille Lortel, Off-Broadway producer, Lucille Lortel Theatre named after her
Craig Lucas, actor
Joshua Malina, actor
Ross Martin, actor
The Marx Brothers, (Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo), actors
Jackie Mason (1931) stage actor, stand-up comedian[41]
Sanford Meisner, founder of Neighbourhood Playhouse
Ed Metzger, actor and writer
Idina Menzel, actress, singer & songwriter
David Merrick, producer & director **
Lorne Michaels, producer & director
Arthur Miller, playwright
Mitch Miller, producer
Isaac Mizrahi (1961) fashion designer[86]
Howard Morris, actor
Zero Mostel (19151977) stage and film actor[16]
Alla Nazimova, actress
Bebe Neuwirth, actress ****
Mike Nichols (1931) Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Academy Award-winning film and stage director[16]
Joseph Papp a.k.a Joe Papp, founded the non-profit NYC Public Theater **
Adam Pascal, actor
Mandy Patinkin, actor & singer ****
Jan Peerce, actor
Marc Platt, producer
Sydney Pollack, actor
Harold Prince, director **, ***
Gilda Radner, actress
Tony Randall, actor, founder of National Actors Theatre
Carl Reiner, director & actor
Rob Reiner (1947) actor, director, producer, writer and anti-tobacco activist; son of Carl Reiner[58]
Max Reinhardt, director
Elmer Rice, director & producer
Joan Rivers (1933) stage actress/writer, comedienne, talk show host, and celebrity[45]
Jerome Robbins, producer & director ***
Edward G. Robinson, actor & playwright
Billy Rose, director, producer, & theater operator
Rita Rudner, actress
Morrie Ryskind, director
Rebecca Schull, actress
Jerry Seinfeld, actor & writer
Wallace Shawn, actor
Al Shean, actor
Miriam Shor (1971) actress[40]
Shubert family, producers & theater owners **
Anna Sokolow, director
Lee Strasberg & Harold Clurman, co-founders of Group Theatre
Barbra Streisand (1942) two-time Academy Award-winning singer, theatre and film actress, composer, film producer and director[16]
Julie Taymor, director ***
Bessie Thomashefsky, actress
Boris Thomashefsky, actor
Sophie Tucker (18841966) actress, singer and comedienne[16]
Lesley Ann Warren, actress
Steven Weber, actor
Bob Weinstein, producer
Harvey Weinstein, producer
Louis Wolheim, actor
Ed Wynn (18861966) comedian and actor[16]
Henny Youngman, actor
Harris Yulin, actor
Florenz Ziegfeld, director and producer
Efrem Zimbalist Jr., actor and producer
David Zippel, director

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