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Great Men of the Talmud - Jewish Biography Series

Rabbis: Pre-Mishnaic (Tannaim)
See Mishnah, Tannaim.

Rabbis: Pre-Mishnaic (Tannaim) (Zugot)
See: Mishnah, Tannaim, Zugot.

  • Jose ben Joezer, Nasi of the Sanhedrin during the Maccabean wars of independence.
  • Jose ben Johanan, Av Beit Din of the Sanhedrin during the Maccabean wars of independence.
  • Joshua ben Perachyah, Nasi of the Sanhedrin during the reign of John Hyrcanus.
    Nittai of Arbela, Av Beit Din of the Sanhedrin during the reign of John Hyrcanus.
  • Judah ben Tabbai, Nasi of the Sanhedrin during the reign of Alexander Jannĉus and Queen Salome.
  • Simeon ben Shetach, Av Beit Din of the Sanhedrin during the reign of Alexander Jannĉus and Queen Salome.
  • Shemaya, Nasi of the Sanhedrin during the reign of Hyrcanus II.
  • Avtalyon, Av Beit Din of the Sanhedrin during the reign of Hyrcanus II. A convert to Judaism.
  • Hillel the Elder, Nasi of the Sanhedrin during the reign of King Herod the Great.
  • Shammai, Av Beit Din of the Sanhedrin during the reign of King Herod the Great.

Rabbis: Mishnaic (Tannaim)
See Mishnah, Tannaim.

  • Akiva, 1st century Judea, central scholar in Mishnah
  • Judah haNasi, 2nd century, Judah the Prince, in Judea, redactor (editor) of the Mishnah
  • Shimon bar Yochai, 1st century mystic, reputed author of the Zohar
  • Yohanan ben Zakkai, 1st century sage in Judea, key to the development of the Mishnah
  • Eliezer ben Jose/Yosey ha-Galili (?-c.160), famous for Baraita of Thirty-Two mitzvoth. The father of Rabbi Hananiah. See the fifth chapter of Hulin, and Moed Katan 28.

Rabbis: Talmudic (Amoraim)
See Talmud and Amora.

  • Abaye, 3rd century Talmudist
  • Abba Arika, known as Rav, last Tanna, first Amora. Moved from Israel to Babylon, 3rd century.
  • Abbahu, 4th century Talmudist
  • Eleazar Kalir, early Talmudic liturgist and poet

  • Hamnuna - Several rabbis in the Talmud had this name.
  • Hillel, son of Gamaliel III, 3rd century, in Judea, grandson of Judah ha-Nasi, and younger brother of Judah Nesiah
  • Hillel II, 4th century creator of the Hebrew calendar, in Judea, son of Judah Nesiah, grandson of Gamaliel IV
  • Judah II, 3rd century sage, sometimes called Judah Nesi'ah and Rebbi like his grandfather
  • Judah III, 4th century scholar, son of Gamaliel IV, and grandson of Judah II
  • Rabbah bar Nahmani
  • Rav Ashi, 5th century Babylonian Talmudic sage - primary redactor of the Babylonian Talmud
  • Rav Nachman
  • Rav Papa
  • Rav Yosef
  • Rava, important Amora
  • Ravina, primary aide to Rav Ashi in the redaction of the Babylonian Talmud
  • Resh Lakish
  • Shmuel (Talmud), rabbi of Nehardea, physician
  • Yochanan, primary author of the Jerusalem Talmud
  • Rav Jonah

Rabbis: Middle Ages
See: Geonim and Rishonim.

  • Abba Mari, (Minhat Kenaot), 13th century French Talmudist
  • Don Isaac Abravanel, (Abarbanel), 15th century philosopher and Torah commentator
  • Jacob Berab, 15th-16th century proponent of Semichah (Ordination)
  • Abraham ibn Daud, (Sefer HaKabbalah), 12th century Spanish philosopher
  • Obadiah ben Abraham of Bertinoro, (Bartenura) 15th century commentator on the Mishnah
  • Abraham ben David of Posquières, 1100s, France.
  • Abraham ibn Ezra, (Even Ezra), 12th century Spanish-North African Biblical commentator
  • Amram Gaon, 9th century organizer of the siddur
  • Asher ben Jehiel, (Rosh), 13th century German-Spanish Talmudist
  • Bahya ibn Paquda, (Hovot ha-Levavot), 11th century Spanish philosopher and moralist
  • Chananel Ben Chushiel (Rabbeinu Chananel), 10th century Tunisian Talmudist
  • Dunash ben Labrat, 10th century grammarian and poet
  • Eliezer ben Nathan, 12th century poet and pietist
  • Hasdai Crescas, (Or Hashem), 14th century Talmudist and philosopher
  • Rabbenu Gershom, 11th century German Talmudist and legalist
  • Gersonides, Levi ben Gershom, (Ralbag), 14th century French Talmudist and philosopher
  • Hillel ben Eliakim, (Rabbeinu Hillel), 12th century Talmudist and disciple of Rashi
  • Ibn Tibbon, a family of 12th and 13th century Spanish and French scholars, translators, and leaders
  • Isaac Alfasi, (the Rif), 12th century North African and Spanish Talmudist and Halakhist; author of "Sefer Ha-halachot".
  • Jacob ben Asher, (Baal ha-Turim ; Arbaah Turim), 14th century German-Spanish Halakhist
  • Joseph Albo, (Sefer Ikkarim), 15th century Spain
  • Joseph ibn Migash 12th century Spanish Talmudist and Rosh Yeshiva; teacher of Maimon, father of Maimonides
  • Maimonides, Moshe Ben Maimon, (Rambam), 13th century Spanish-North African Talmudist, philosopher, and law codifier
  • Mordecai ben Hillel, (The Mordechai), 13th century German Halakhist
  • Nahmanides, Moshe ben Nahman, (Ramban), 13th century Spanish and Holy Land mystic and Talmudist
  • Nissim Ben Jacob (Rav Nissim Gaon) 10th century Tunisian Talmudist
  • Nissim of Gerona, (RaN), 14th century Halakhist and Talmudist
  • Rashi, (Solomon ben Yitzchak), 11th century Talmudist, the primary commentator of Talmud
  • Elazar Rokeach, (Sefer HaRokeach) 12th century German rabbinic scholar
  • Saadia Gaon, (Emunoth ve-Deoth ; Siddur) 10th century Exilarch and leader of Babylonian Jewry
  • Samuel ben Judah ibn Tibbon, 12th-13th century French Maimonidean philosopher and translator
  • Tosafists, (Tosfot) 11th, 12th and 13th century Talmudic scholars in France and Germany
  • Yehuda Halevi, (Kuzari), 12th century Spanish philosopher and poet devoted to Zion

Rabbis: 16th - 18th centuries
See: Acharonim.

Rabbis: 16th - 17th centuries

  • Isaac Abendana, 17th century Sephardic scholar in England
  • Jacob Abendana, 17th century Sephardic rabbi in England
  • Isaac Aboab da Fonseca, 17th century Dutch scholar and Kabbalist, first Rabbi in the Americas
  • Bezalel Ashkenazi, ( Shittah Mekubetzet), 16th century Talmudist
  • Yair Bacharach, (Havvot Yair), 17th century German Talmudist
  • Moses ben Jacob Cordovero (RaMaK) 16th century Holy Land Kabbalistic scholar
  • Hillel ben Naphtali Zevi, (Bet Hillel), 17th century Lithuanian scholar
  • Samuel Edels, (Mahrsha), 16th century Talmudist
  • Kalonymus Haberkasten 16th century Polish rabbi; Rosh Yeshiva of many great Rishonim
  • David HaLevi Segal,(Taz)16th century Halakhist, major commentatry on the Shulchan Aruch
  • Isaiah Horowitz (Shlah) 16th century Kabbalist and Author - Eastern Europe and Israel
  • Moshe Isserles, (Rema), 16th century Polish legal scholar, author of Ha-mappah (component of the Shulchan Aruch)
  • Yosef Karo, (Mechaber), 16th century Spanish and Land of Israel legal codifier of the Shulchan Aruch - code of Torah Law
  • Meir of Lublin, (Maharam), 16th century Posek and Talmudist
  • Isaac Luria, (Ari), 16th century Holy Land mystic, founder of Lurianic Kabbalah
  • Solomon Luria, (Maharshal), 16th century Posek and Talmudist
  • Menasseh Ben Israel, 17th century Dutch rabbi and advocate of resettlement in England
  • Shalom Shachna, 16th century Polish Talmudist; Rosh Yeshiva of several great Rishonim
  • Judah Low ben Bezalel, (Maharal), 16th century Prague mystic and Talmudist
  • Obadiah ben Jacob Sforno, (Sforno), 16th century Italian scholar and rationalist
  • Sforno, 15th, 16th, and 17th century family of Italian Torah scholars and philosophers
  • Shlomo Ephraim Luntschitz, 16th-17th century Torah commentator
  • Herschel ben Avram, 16th century Torah and Talmud commentator
  • Hayyim ben Joseph Vital, 16th Kabbalist
  • Mordekhai Yaffe ("Levush") , 16th-17th century Polish rabbi, codifier of halakha
  • Menahen Ben Elhanan Rizzolo ("Levush") , 16th-17th century French rabbi, manuscript of Rizzolo containing halakic decisions

Rabbis: 18th century

  • Chaim Joseph David Azulai (Hida), Sephardi rabbi and bibliographer
  • Raphael Berdugo, rabbi in Meknes
  • Haim Isaac Carigal, rabbi in Newport, Rhode Island in 1773 who became great influence on Reverend Ezra Stiles, and therefore on Yale University
  • Dovber of Mezritch, (Maggid), 18th century Eastern European mystic, primary disciple of the Baal Shem Tov
  • Elijah ben Solomon (the Vilna Gaon or Gra), 18th century Talmudist and mystic, Lithuanian leader of the Mitnagdim, opponent of Hasidim
  • Jacob Emden, 18th century German Talmudist and mystic
    Israel ben Eliezer, (Baal Shem Tov), 18th century mystic, founder of Hasidic Judaism
  • Aaron Hart, Chief rabbi of Great Britain
  • David Hassine, Moroccan Jewish poet
  • Yechezkel Landau, (Noda Bihudah), 18th century Posek and Talmudist
  • Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, (Ramchal), 18th century Italian ethicist, philosopher, and mystic.
  • Hart Lyon, Chief rabbi of Great Britain
  • David Nieto, English rabbi
  • Isaac Nieto, English rabbi
  • Shneur Zalman of Liadi, (Alter Rebbe of Chabad), 18th century mystic and Talmudist, founder of Chabad Hasidism and first Chabad Rebbe
  • Akiva Eiger, 18th century Talmudist, and communal leader
  • Elimelech of Lizhensk, (Noam Elimelech) 18th century Polish mystic and Hasid
  • Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev, (Kedushas Leivi) 18th century Polish Hassidic Leader
  • Shalom Sharabi, Yemenite rabbi and Kabbalist

Orthodox rabbis
See Orthodox Judaism.

Orthodox rabbis: 19th century

  • Barnett Abrahams, dayan, Principal of Jews' College, London
  • Nathan Marcus Adler, Chief Rabbi of the British Empire
  • Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter Sfas Emes Gerrer Rebbe
  • Benjamin Artom, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews
  • Joshua Berdugo 19th century Rabbi in Meknes
  • Salomon Berdugo 19th century Rabbi in Meknes
  • Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin, (Netziv ; Ha'emek Davar) 19th century head of Volozhin yeshiva in Lithuania
  • Avrohom Bornsztajn Avnei Neizer Sochatshover Rebbe
  • Zvi Hirsch Chajes (Maharatz Chayes) Galician talmudic scholar
  • Yosef Chayim, the Ben Ish Hai, Iraqi halakhist and preacher
  • Yehoshua Leib Diskin, Rabbi in Shklov, Brisk and Jerusalem
  • Yechiel Michel Epstein, (Aruch ha-Shulchan) 19th-20th century halakhist and posek (decisor)
  • Jacob Ettlinger, 19th century German scholar and opponent of Reform
  • Jacob of Lissa Galician Halakhist
  • Azriel Hildesheimer, 19th century German rabbi and philosopher
  • Samson Raphael Hirsch, 19th century German rabbi, founder of the Torah im Derech Eretz movement
  • Solomon Herschell, 19th century British Chief rabbi
  • Chaim Zundl Maccoby, the Kamenitzer Magid
  • Malbim, Meir Lob ben Jehiel Michael, (The Malbim), 19th century Russian preacher and scholar
  • Pele Yoetz, Rabbi Eliezer Papo, Rabbi of the community of Selestria, Bulgaria
  • Raphael Meldola, Sephardic rabbi in London
  • Frederick de Sola Mendes, Sephardic rabbi in London and America
  • Nachman of Breslov, (Reb Nachman), 19th century Ukrainian Hasidic rebbe and mystic
  • Yisrael Lipkin Salanter, 19th century Lithuanian ethicist and moralist
  • Dovber Schneuri, 19th century Russian second Rebbe of Chabad
  • Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, (Tzemach Tzedek), 19th century Russian third Rebbe of Lubavitch
  • Shmuel Schneersohn, 19th century Russian fourth Rebbe of Lubavitch
  • Yaakov Chaim Sofer, Baghdadi rabbi, author of Kaf ha-Chaim
  • Moses Sofer, (Chatam Sofer) 19th century Hungarian rabbi
  • Chaim Soloveitchik ("Brisker Rov" 19th century Eastern European rabbi
  • Abraham b. Eliezer Lipman Liechtenstein Rabbi of Plotsk

Orthodox rabbis: 20th century

Chareidi leaders

  • Yehezkel Abramsky, author of Chazon Yehezkel
  • Yisrael Abuhatzeira, 20th century Kabbalist
  • Avrohom Blumenkrantz, posek and kashrut authority
  • Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler, (Michtav Me'Eliyahu) 20th century religious philosopher and ethicist
  • Baruch Epstein, (Torah Temimah), 20th century Lithuanian Torah commentator
  • Moshe Mordechai Epstein, ( Levush Mordechai), 20th century Talmudist and co-head of Slabodka Yehiva
  • Moshe Feinstein, (Igrot Moshe), 20th century Russian-American legal scholar and Talmudist
  • Tzvi Hirsch Ferber, (Kerem HaTzvi), 20th century author, leader and renowned scholar
  • Nosson Tzvi Finkel, (Alter / Sabba), early 20th century founder of Slabodka Yeshiva, Lithuania. Disciples opened major yeshivas in US and Israel
  • Rogatchover Gaon (Rav Yosef Rosen), Talmudist and Hasidic leader
  • Boruch Greenfeld, (Reb Boruch Hermenshtater), 20th century Hasidic mystic and scholar, author of Ohel Boruch
  • Yitzchok Hutner, (Pachad Yitzchok), 20th century European-born, American and Israeli Rosh Yeshiva
  • Yisrael Meir Kagan, (Chofetz Chaim), 20th century Polish legalist and moralist
  • Aryeh Kaplan, (Living Torah) 20th century writer and mystic
  • Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz, (Chazon Ish) 20th century Haredi leader in Israel
  • Aharon Kotler, 20th century Lithuanian scholar, founder of Lakewood Yeshiva in US
  • Chaim Kreiswirth, long-time Chief Rabbi of Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Isser Zalman Meltzer, renowned Lithuanian Rosh Yeshiva
    Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz, (Mr. Mendlowitz) 20th century European-born head of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in the US
  • Shulem Moshkovitz, Hasidic rebbe in London
  • Chanoch Dov Padwa, (Cheishev Ho'ephod), rabbinical head of UOHC, London
  • Sholom Dovber Schneersohn, 20th century Russian fifth Rebbe of Lubavitch
  • Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn, 20th century sixth Rebbe of Lubavitch
  • Menachem Mendel Schneerson, (Lubavitcher Rebbe), 20th century Hasidic mystic and scholar, seventh Chabad Rebbe
  • Joseph ben Yehuda Leib Shapotshnick, 20th century British rabbi
  • Shimon Shkop, famed Rosh Yeshiva in Telz and Grodno
  • Meir Simcha of Dvinsk, (Ohr Sameiach ; Meshech Chochmah) Lithuanian-Latvian Talmudist and communal leader
  • Joel Teitelbaum, (Satmar Rebbe), 20th century Hasidic Hungarian-American rebbe known for anti-Zionism
  • Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl, (Min HaMeitzar) 20th century European scholar involved in rescue efforts during the Holocaust

Modern and Zionist leaders

  • Hermann Adler, Chief Rabbi of the British Empire
  • Meir Berlin, (Bar Ilan) 20th century religious Zionist leader
  • Israel Brodie, Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth
  • Isidore Epstein, Principal of Jews' College, London
  • Moses Gaster, Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of Britain
  • Sir Hermann Gollancz, British rabbi and professor
  • Meir Kahane, founder of the American Jewish Defense League and the Israeli Kach party
  • Joseph H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi of the British Empire
  • Shmuel Yitzchak Hillman, British rabbi and dayan
  • Moses Hyamson, British rabbi
  • Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, Israeli leader of Kahane Chai party
  • Abraham Isaac Kook, 20th century philosopher and mystic, first chief rabbi of Palestine
  • Immanuel Jakobovits, Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, medical ethicist
  • Chalom Messas, chief Rabbi of Morocco and Jerusalem
  • David Messas, chief Rabbi of Paris.
  • Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth
  • David Silverman, Outreach Rabbi with the Atlanta Scholars Kollel
  • Simeon Singer, editor of the United Synagogue prayer book
  • Joseph Soloveitchik, 20th century European-born Talmudist and philosopher
  • Selig Starr, Chicago Rabbi

Orthodox rabbis: Contemporary



  • Gerrer Rebbes, (Gerrer), Polish Hasidic dynasty now in Israel, followers also in the US and UK
  • Vizhnitzer Rebbes, (Vizhnitzer), Romanian dynasty of Hasidic rebbes in Israel and the US
  • Shlomo Amar, Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel
  • Arie Zeev Raskin, Chief Rabbi of Cyprus
  • Meir Brandsdorfer, member of the Badatz (rabbinical court) of the Edah HaChareidis
  • Yosef Shalom Eliashiv, Israeli rabbi and de facto rabbinical leader of the chareidi world
  • Menachem Genack, OU
  • Yitzchak Kadouri, leading 20th century Kabbalist (deceased)
  • Avidor Miller (August 28, 1908 - April 20, 2001) was a Haredi rabbi, author and lecturer in the United States. He served simultaneously as a communal rabbi and as the mashgiach ruchani ("spiritual advisor/supervisor") of Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin and as a teacher in Beis Yaakov for many years.
  • Yaakov Kamenetsky, rabbinical leader and educationalist
  • Nissim Karelitz, respected Israeli chareidi leader
  • Yona Metzger, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel
  • Israel Meir Lau, former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel and current Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv
  • Moshe Chaim Ephraim Padwa, rabbinical head of the UOHC, London
  • Yissachar Dov Rokeach (II), Belzer Rebbe
  • Moshe Sacks, Satmar posek.
  • Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, dean of Torah Ohr Yeshiva, Jerusalem
  • Adin Steinsaltz, 21st century Israeli Talmud scholar and philosopher
  • Moshe Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe (deceased)
  • Avraham Yitzchak Ulman, member of the Badatz (rabbinical court) of the Edah HaChareidis
  • Ovadia Yosef, 21st century Iraqi-Israeli former Israel Sephardic Chief Rabbi, legal scholar, "de facto" leader of Sephardic Jewry
  • Amnon Yitzhak, leading Sephardic "baal teshuva Rabbi" in Israel
  • Avigdor Nebenzahl, Chief Rabbi of the old city of Jerusalem


  • Mordechai Eliyahu - former Sephardic Chief Rabbi
    Avraham Shapira - former Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi, the head of Mercaz haRav yeshiva
    Dov Lior - rabbi of Hebron

Modern Orthodox

  • David Bigman, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Maale Gilboa
    Levi Brackman, British-born rabbi
    David Bar Hayim, founder of Machon Ben Yishai, Proponent of Nusach Eretz Yisrael [1]
    Mordechai Breuer, Israeli rabbi, descendant of Samson Raphael Hirsch
    Barry Freundel, rabbi of Kesher Israel congregation in Washingon DC.
    James Kennard, British educationalist
    Norman Lamm, 20th century American modern Orthodox thinker, head of Yeshiva University
    Aharon Lichtenstein, American-born head of an Israeli yeshiva
    Yosef Mendelevitch former Soviet "Refusenik" and Zionist activist
    Shlomo Riskin
    Shalom Rosner, Rav, Congregation Bais Ephraim Yitzchok
    Hershel Schachter, leading posek for the modern orthodox community.
    Andrew Shaw, British rabbi and youth leader
    Shmuel Silber, Rabbi of Suburban Orthodox Congregation Toras Chaim in Baltimore, Md., Member of Baltimore's Vaad HaRabonim, Rosh Kollel of the Torah Mitzion Kollel of Baltimore
    Joseph Telushkin author.
    Moshe David Tendler, son-in-law of Moshe Feinstein, and noted bioethist.
    Mordechai Willig, Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University, prominent Posek for the Modern Orthodox community.
    Avi Weiss, activist and founder of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah
    Dov Zakheim, non-practicing modern Orthodox rabbi, economic and political leader in US government
    Joseph Kelman, Toronto rabbi
    Alfredo Goldschmidt, chief rabbi of Colombia
    See also article Modern Orthodox for a list of rabbis.

Conservative rabbis
See: Conservative Judaism.

  • Conservative rabbis: 19th century
    Zecharias Frankel, 19th century critical historian, founder of the "Positive Historical" school, the progenitor of Conservative Judaism.
    Yosef Guttmann, 19th century Polish rabbi
    Levi Herzfeld, 19th century german rabbi, proponent of moderate reform
    Nachman Krochmal, 19th century Austrian philosopher and historian

Conservative rabbis: 20th century

  • Abraham Joshua Heschel, 20th century Conservative Judaism philosopher and scholar of Hasidism
    Solomon Schechter, 20th century scholar and a founder of Conservative Judaism
    Saul Lieberman, 20th century rabbi and scholar
    Marshall Meyer, 20th century American Conservative rabbi and human rights activist, founded a Rabbinical school and synagogue in Argentina
    Louis Finkelstein, 20th century Conservative Talmud scholar
    Louis Ginzberg, 20th century American Conservative Talmud scholar
    Wolfe Kelman, 20th century Conservative rabbi
    Robert Gordis, 20th century leader in Conservative Judaism
    Isaac Klein, 20th century American Conservative rabbi and scholar
    Samuel Schafler, 20th century American Conservative rabbi and historian

Conservative rabbis: Contemporary

  • Menachem Creditor, Conservative rabbi, activist, and founder of the Shefa Network
    Elliot N. Dorff, Conservative rabbi and bioethicist
    Neil Gillman, Conservative philosopher and theologian
    David Golinkin - Masorti rabbi and halakhist
    Joshua Hammerman, Conservative rabbi of Temple Beth El in Stamford, Connecticut
    Jules Harlow, 20th century Conservative Judaism liturgist
    Louis Jacobs - Founder of the Masorti movement in the United Kingdom, theologian
    William E. Kaufman - Advocate of process theology
    Harold Kushner, 21st century American Conservative rabbi, theologian, and popular writer
    William H. Lebeau, Conservative rabbi and Dean of Rabbinical School at Jewish Theological Seminary
    Aaron L. Mackler, Conservative rabbi and bioethicist
    Jason Alan Miller, Conservative rabbi of Congregation Agudas Achim in Columbus, Ohio
    Jacob Neusner, Conservative trained scholar and prolific writer
    Daniel Nevins, Dean of JTS Rabbinical School and author of inclusive teshuvah on homosexuality in Judaism.
    Joel Roth, Conservative scholar and rabbi
    Ismar Schorsch, Conservative educator and leader
    Harold M. Schulweis, Conservative rabbi of Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA and founder of the Jewish World Watch
    Alan Silverstein, Conservative rabbi of Congregation Agudath Israel in Caldwell, New Jersey and former President of the Rabbinical Assembly
    Arnold Stiebel, Conservative rabbi and author
    Gordon Tucker, Conservative rabbi and leader
    Stewart Vogel, Conservative rabbi of Temple Aliyah, Woodland Hills, CA
    David Wolpe, Conservative rabbi of Temple Sinai in Los Angeles, California

    Conservative rabbinical organizations
    Rabbinical Assembly
    United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
    Committee on Jewish Law and Standards

    Union for Traditional Judaism
    David Weiss Halivni, Hungarian-American Talmudist of Union for Traditional Judaism (UTJ)

Reform rabbis
See Reform Judaism.

Reform rabbis: 19th century

  • Samuel Adler, 19th century German-American rabbi of Temple Emanu-El
    Emil Hirsch, 19th century American Reform rabbi and scholar
    David Einhorn, 19th century American Reform rabbi
    Samuel Hirsch, 19th century German-American philosopher of the Reform Movement
    Abraham Geiger, 19th century German Reform ideologist
    Samuel Holdheim, 19th century German rabbi and founder of classic German Reform Judaism
    Leopold Zunz, 19th century German scholar, founded Science of Judaism school
    Isaac Mayer Wise, American Reform rabbi

Reform rabbis: 20th century

  • Paula Ackerman, 20th century Reform rabbi (first woman to perform rabbinical functions in the United States, not ordained)
    Leo Baeck, 20th century Reform rabbi
    Lionel Blue, British rabbi, writer and broadcaster
    Julia Neuberger, British Reform rabbi
    Sally Priesand, 20th century Reform rabbi, first ordained female rabbi in the United States
    Abba Hillel Silver, 20th century Reform rabbi and Zionist leader
    Gabriel Farhi, 20th century French Reform rabbi and broadcaster.
    Stephen S. Wise, 20th century Reform rabbi and Zionist activist
    Arnold Stiebel, 20th century rabbi and author
    Benjamin Constine, 20th century Reform rabbi
    Gerald J. Klein, 20th century Reform rabbi
    Laszlo Berkowitz, 20th century Reform rabbi, Temple Rodef Shalom
    Gunther Plaut, 20th century Reform rabbi and author, Holy Blossom Temple
    Maurice Davis, 20th century Reform rabbi, past Chairman, President's Commission on Equal Opportunity
    Levi Kelman, Reform Rabbi, Kol Haneshama, Jerusalem
    Susan Abramson, Reform Rabbi, Shalom Emeth, Burlington, MA, one of the first 50 women rabbis. Author of the Rabbi Rocketpower children book series.

    Reform rabbinical organizations
    Union for Reform Judaism
    Central Conference of American Rabbis
    Movement for Reform Judaism (UK)

    Reconstructionist rabbis

See: Reconstructionist Judaism.

Reconstructionist rabbis: 20th century

Mordecai Kaplan, 20th century founder of the Reconstructionist movement in America

Reconstructionist rabbis: Contemporary

Carol Harris-Shapiro, modern author

Other rabbis

See Jewish Renewal ; Humanistic Judaism

Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, leader of the Jewish Renewal movement
Sherwin Wine, US founder of Society for Humanistic Judaism
Michael Lerner founder/editor of Tikkun magazine

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